Loving Letters!

OK, guys, I know I’ve talked about classes waaaayyy too much, but I have to tell you about just one more. It’s called Letter Love, and can be found here.

I’m really not much into lettering, but I thought it’d be fun to learn, and I know I’ll be wanting to do some creative lettering in my canvases, etc. I have to say, though, that I’m not only learning lots of artful ways to do letters, but I’m also learning to let go and have fun! I’ve worked in accounting all my life, and that mentality has always stifled my creativity. Everything had to be perfect in my art – very difficult for me to work ‘out of the box’. So here comes Joanne, a wonderful teacher, insisting that everyone find there own style. No perfect handwriting here…use your own writing and make it beautiful and whimsical and fun. Not even a pdf of the alphabet for this class — use your own handwriting. Joanne shows us how to swoop and swirl and doodle around letters, use color from different types of media, go where it takes you!

Then share your work and your comments/questions with the other students on FaceBook and/or a Yahoo group set up for the class. And you won’t find a more wonderful bunch of people!

Take a look at the class; I encourage you to give it a try!


Great class coming up ….

I love, love, love all the online classes in mixed media, and this year I plan to take as many as possible. I’m excited about a painting class — not so much a class to teach you painting techniques (although I understand there’ll be plenty of that), but more a class in how to let go of your inhibitions and insecurities and expectations… let go and just paint! Paint like a seven-year-old.
Mindy Lacefield is an amazing artist, and I expect this will be an outstanding and unusual class. I struggle with my accountant mentality and my perfectionism fighting with my creative side, so this class is perfect for me. My hope is to learn the tools to put my brain on hold and just enjoy the process. Click on the image and check it out. I’d love to have you join me there!

Fun small canvases

Christy Tomlinson offered  a class called The 12 Artsy Ornaments of Christmas. All the projects in this class are amazing, and the instruction is wonderful, and I enjoyed every one of them.

I want to share with you some of my favorites, so here’s a photo of some small canvases from the project by Junelle Jabobson, a very talented and funny mixed media artist and photographer. These little canvases are super fun to do, and could be adapted for any season by using different materials. I happen to love the Christmas hats!

The 4×4 deep canvases stand on their own and can be stacked, then a smaller version to display on a little easel, and an even smaller one – I attached a magnet and put it on my fridge!

Super fun project! Thanks Christy and Junelle!

Christy Tomlinson – my hero!

I found I had a creative side very late in life – I was actually in my early 50’s. I’d always played with needle crafts, etc., but had never ventured much beyond that. Following a stained glass class and several months of making glass panels,  I discovered kiln fired glass and became quite passionate for it, but gave that up when I sold my house/studio and moved to an apartment. With the new space I ventured out and tried to find other art forms that I could enjoy in the new and smaller space, and I admit I loved learning about lots of new crafts and art.

Last year I came across a photo of a mixed media canvas that had been a project in a class by Christy Tomlinson, and followed the link to Christy’s site. That was the beginning of my adventures in mixed media, and I’m still learning through online classes. I’m having a great time, for sure. Here’s a photo of a few of my first canvases from the SheArt class – sorry for the glare, I need new lights! Technically I’m sure they’re just awful beginner stuff – but I had a great time and found a creative outlet that I plan to explore and enjoy forever!

Here we go!!

Mad for Mixed Media – that about says it all. I love playing with paints and inks and papers, fabrics and ephemera, lots of glitter and bling – getting my hands messy and letting the work direct where the next step will go.

This blog is just for fun … for sharing the things I’m learning, and the things I find interesting, and for sharing my work (good and bad!) … and a few links to my favorite sites as well.

I hope you’ll join me – come back and visit often!