Christy Tomlinson – my hero!

I found I had a creative side very late in life – I was actually in my early 50’s. I’d always played with needle crafts, etc., but had never ventured much beyond that. Following a stained glass class and several months of making glass panels,  I discovered kiln fired glass and became quite passionate for it, but gave that up when I sold my house/studio and moved to an apartment. With the new space I ventured out and tried to find other art forms that I could enjoy in the new and smaller space, and I admit I loved learning about lots of new crafts and art.

Last year I came across a photo of a mixed media canvas that had been a project in a class by Christy Tomlinson, and followed the link to Christy’s site. That was the beginning of my adventures in mixed media, and I’m still learning through online classes. I’m having a great time, for sure. Here’s a photo of a few of my first canvases from the SheArt class – sorry for the glare, I need new lights! Technically I’m sure they’re just awful beginner stuff – but I had a great time and found a creative outlet that I plan to explore and enjoy forever!


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